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Why Hire FenceWeb?

Having personally worked in every aspect of the fencing industry has given us unique insight into the needs of fence companies.

Unlike the large internet marketing companies, we understand how the fence business works and we use that knowledge to provide highly customized websites, search engine optimization campaigns and advertising campaigns that flood your fencing business with qualified leads.

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Internet marketing for fence manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

When you’re looking to hire an internet marketing company to build your fence company a new website, increase your ranking on the search engines or design an effective online advertising campaign, you want to make sure that you’re not wasting your money and that you’re going to get a return on your investement. A lot of fence companies tend to gravitate towards the large internet marketing companies that will ultimately just take (thousands) of your dollars every month and provide you with a mediocre return.

We are not a large internet marketing company. You won’t get any false promises or BS from us. What you will get is a completely custom website that is designed by people who have personally worked in fence manufacturing, contracting and distributing for years. We know the fence business inside and out, and we’ve gotten results that make the big internet marketing companies look like amateurs.

The simple fact of the matter is, you need leads. We utilize our expertise in ranking fence company websites on search engines to get you to the top of the search results. And let me tell you, once your business is at the top of the results for your targeted service areas, your phone is going to be ringing off the hook from all the customers looking for you to install a new fence, fabricate one or just buy your fencing products. You’re going to need more salesmen.

Oh, did I mention that we also design fence signs, t-shirts, business cards and pretty much everything your fence company needs? We also make custom shop drawings when you need those too.

Bottom line is, if you’re a fence manufacturer, contractor, distributor, fabricator or a fence anything business – you need to work with us. We get the results you need to take your company to the next level.

Custom Fence Company Websites

Beautiful websites that are built from scratch and designed to generate fencing leads.

SEO for Fencing Businesses

Optimization of your fence website(s) so your business ranks highly in Google search results.

Fence Company Internet Advertising

Google Adword campaign creation and management services that ensure your advertising dollars are well spent.

Fence Contractor Lead Generation

You need qualified leads to keep your fence business running and growing. We get you those leads.

Fence Business Graphic Design

We’re a one stop shop for every graphical element your fence company needs.

Get Online

You need a piece of online real estate that your potential customers can interact with and learn about your fencing business prior to contacting you. We build you an awesome website that is designed to show people what sets your fence company apart from your competition and convert them from a just browser into a qualified lead that you can close.

Generate Leads

Once your potential fencing customer clicks on your website, you have about 10 seconds to grab their interest and push them through a sales funnel to convert them into a lead. We understand what customers are looking for in a fence company, and we utilize that knowledge to ensure they contact you for an estimate and not your competitors.


When you spend money with us, you’re investing in your fence business. Our website design and internet marketing efforts take your hard earned dollars and turns them into a lead generating sales machine that works on growing your fence company 24/7/365. Simply put, we take your money and create the perfect employee that never sleeps and makes you rich.

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