Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing for Fence Companies

Increase the visibility of your fencing business online.

 How it Works.


Our fencing internet marketing process begins with a detailed questionnaire that is designed to gather information about your business and your goals in the easiest way possible. You simply follow the link that we provide, fill in the blanks and we do the rest. Make sure to be as specific as possible in this phase, as this will ultimately determine the effectiveness of your campaign initially.

SEO Audit

In the SEO audit phase, we put your website and your businesses online presence under a microscope. We use several different tools to ascertain your current backlink profile, uncover problems within your website and find any other actionable data to improve your businesses visibility online.

On Site SEO

On-site SEO pertains to the optimization of your websites’ code and content for search engines. This can include anything from changing headers to include keywords to optimizing keyword density and internal linking structure. We also create content rich blog posts on a weekly schedule. On-site SEO is the really the most important step in increasing your websites rank in organic search results.

Local SEO

In this step of the process we optimize your My Google Business page, acquire local citations from a variety of aggregators and ensure that your business information is consistant amongst all your accounts online.We also add location pages on your website to rank for geo-specific service areas. The ultimate goal of this is to rank highly for your service areas, both organically and in the local specific Google results.


Google Adwords is a great way to drive traffic and generate leads. Essentially, your ad shows up at the top of the search results and when customers click them, they are taken to a lead generating page and are then converted to a lead. You pay a certain amount per click. The pricing structure for this includes your monthly budget along with our account setup and management fee.

Link Building

Building backlinks is the core of any successful internet marketing campaign. Links are the lifeblood of a websites ranking strength. They show Google and other search engines that your company is being vouched for by other people and companies online, and therefore give you a huge boost in search results. We analyse your competitors link profiles for oppportunites and create our own over time.