Social Media

Social Media for Fence Companies

 Custom built themes for fence manufacturers, distributors and contractors.

 How it Works.

Account Setup & Management

We painstakingly set up your social accounts to include every last detail about your business on your profiles. It’s incredibly important to have a consistant footprint for your fence company accross all your profiles on the web so that your customers don’t get confused and Google knows that every account belongs to your business. Keep in mind that social signals are actually crucial to ranking your fencing company in search engines.

Content Posting

After all your accounts are setup properly, we start posting interesting and relevant content on a bi-weekly schedule. It’s important that your social accounts have fresh content for your customers to interact with and to re-post/share with their own social circle. This is a great opportunity for you to reach a wider group of potential clients than you normally would with typical SEO and advertising efforts.


When we create new blog posts on your website, or new posts on a particular social media site, we then re-post that information on every single social outlet. We make sure that your fence company has an active presence in every single place that a potential fencing customer can find you and interact with you.