PVC Fence Supply

What we did for PVC Fence Supply

Website Development

PVC Fence Supply of South Florida needed a new new website in order to obtain fencing customers in the Southern Florida marketplace.

We built a custom website theme on the WordPress platform the clearly organized and depicted all of their available fencing products.

On-page SEO

Each page was optimized for local search so that potential customers in Broward, Collier, Martin, Miami-Dade, St. Lucie, and Palm Beach counties can easily find them if they are searching for common vinyl fence terms.

How we did it

The website

We used our custom WordPress framework and built a totally custom website on top of it. While most other WordPress design firms use pre-built themes, we choose to create 100% bespoke solutions as a standard.

The websites’ code was written with semantics and SEO in mind. Every page loads quickly and works as intended with little code bloat and javascript dependencies.

Local SEO

Our method of ranking local fence company websites is to create location-specific landing pages. Since 6 counties in South Florida, we created landing pages for each city within each service county.

The service pages were set up with optimal page hierarchy for local search and are all internally linked in order to distribute page authority through the site.

As a result, they went from showing up for search terms for 2-3 cities, to now showing up for every single city in South Florida.

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