Power Fence

What we did for Power Fence

Website Design & Development

Custom WordPress theme developed to replace an existing lackluster website. The theme was developed from scratch and was designed with the intent of presenting a strong brand image in the form of greys and blacks with high contrast yellow as an accent, like in his existing logo. This fencing contractor also owns a separate welded and mechanical aluminum shop capable of creating pretty much any type of aluminum fencing, so separate pages were added in order to display the aluminum products separately.

On-site SEO optimization

Aside from the development, we also structured all of the on-page SEO for the website, including optimization of header tags, title tags, and meta descriptions. Deep keyword research was done prior to writing the content, and as a result, this website is now ranking pretty well for their service areas despite no further SEO work done outside of the on-page.

How we did it


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