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"Not your average internet marketing company."

Actually, there's no one even close to us. We're the first fence company specific SEO and web design company. Ever.

And guess what? We actually know what we're doing.

Website Design

A badly designed website simply isn't going to convince potential customers to contact you. Your fencing business NEEDS a superior website in order to really grow. And that's what we do, create fencing websites that convert browsers to qualifed leads.

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The higher you rank in Google for your service area, the more leads you get. Not being in the top spots for fencing terms in your area can cripple your fence company. We make sure that you are visible for searchers within your service area so that they find YOU and not your competitors.

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Why hire FenceWeb?

We’ve personally worked in every aspect of the fencing industry including fence contracting, fence manufacturing and fence fabrication, so we have a unique insight into the marketing needs of fence companies.

Unlike the large internet marketing companies, we understand how the fence business works and we use that knowledge to provide highly customized websites, search engine optimization campaigns and advertising campaigns that flood your fencing business with qualified leads.

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SEO for fence companies

Ranking highly on Google in your service areas can completely change your fencing business.

There is a massive difference in website traffic between fencing websites that are on the 2nd+ page of search results compared to the first page, and the more traffic your website gets, the more leads you get. The more leads you get, the more sales you make and ultimately, the more revenue you can pull in.

The goal of pretty much any fence company is to grow and scale, and whether that means adding more work trucks, hiring more crews or employing more salesmen, fence SEO will help you do that.

If you're a vinyl fence company that is struggling to get leads and who doesn't rank on the first page of Google for anything, you NEED US to change that for you.

Web Design for fence companies

Human's are visual creatures. When we see someone that looks beautiful, we like them more. When we see objects that look visually appealing, we tend to buy them more often. The same is true for a website. A badly designed fence website is NOT going to convert a browser into a qualified lead - it just isn't going to happen. They will take two seconds on the website to evaluate who you are and what your company is, and if they are enticed or impressed with the way you look online, then they will contact you.

First impressions are everything.

If you don't convert that browser when they go to your fencing website one time, they will leave you and never come back, and eventually end up being money in your competitors bank account instead of yours.

We can solve that problem for you with a modern, clean, visually appealing website that is designed and developed by individuals that have personally worked in the fencing business for many years.

You need more leads, we can help.

You’re here because your current fence company website is outdated, looks bad and probably isn’t generating any new business. We get it, all your time has been spent growing your business and doing what you do best - selling fence.

Running a fence business can be stressful. The last thing you want to worry about issues with your online presence.

It’s time you hand off your website, SEO and internet marketing to a company that can handle 100% of it for you - and make you rich 💸💸💸 in the process.

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