Fencing South Florida Website and SEO Audit

Organic Search

The following gif is a search on “fence company South Florida.” Since your domain and your brand are basically an exact match for this search, you should be #1 with absolutely no problem. But you’re not, in fact, you’re barely on the first page.

Sure, you’re on the front page for some other things, but you are nowhere to be found in Broward County.

I know this because I have some clients in Broward which are on the front page for pretty much everything fencing related, and you are not there.

The reason why you’re not #1 for this and many other search phrases and service areas is simply that your website isn’t optimized for it. It’s pretty much just laziness on ReachLocal’s part as your website hasn’t changed in like 5+ years or something like that.

You’re in the maps results because you have 77 reviews, most of them good, and you are not first in the maps simply because they aren’t building any citations for your brand.

A citation is basically a list if your business information with a link to your website showing that you’re a local business. If they were building citations, you would be #1 in maps as you have a tremendous amount of good reviews.


On-page SEO

I hate to be blunt here, but it looks like ReachLocal has done absolutely zero work optimizing your site for search.

For local businesses, on-page optimization is THE most important thing that affects your search rankings, and they’ve done nothing.

Here’s a bit more information on that below in picture form. Keep in mind that my notes are like 1/100th of what is actually wrong:

The look of your website

Sorry Danny but your website just looks old. ReachLocal used a template for your site that many many other of their sites use, and not a very good one.

People have extremely high standards when it comes to the visual aspects of websites and apps nowadays, pretty much every high-level business like yours has an extremely visually appealing site.

When customers arrive at your site, they need to be impressed enough to fill out a form or place a call, and to be honest this site just doesn’t do that.

Here’s an example of an updated fencing website:

Here’s yours:


This is your domain overview:

Here’s an overview of Superior fence, run by a company that is actually doing SEO work:

List of backlinks

This is a list of ALL your 184 backlinks, It’s difficult to read this data so I’ll quickly explain it to you.

The links are in the left-most column. With the exception of the top link, they are all free business directories. Most of these directories are actually just aggregators that pull your information from areas of the web where your business is listed.

I could build 99% of these links for you in one day with about $20-$50 on Fiverr.

Here’s a  link to someone in India that builds these type of directory links

I sincerely hope you haven’t been paying them a ton of money to actually do SEO for you because they’ve just been taking your money and doing absolutely no work.

Content Marketing

The size of your website matters in Google’s eyes. The more content you have, the more keywords you rank for, the more searches you rank for etc..

However, if those pages have very “thin” content like the many, many blog posts on your site have. They simply do nothing.

Blog posts need to have an absolute MINIMUM of 300 words, and even that is pretty weak.

The posts that I write are a minimum of 1500 words, just to give you an idea of what is needed to actually rank a post.

Blog posts are also meant to do a few more things that these little posts do not do:

  1. Get you links from other websites
  2. Bring traffic to your website
  3. Link to other pages on your website to pass relevancy
  4. Actually be helpful for people to read so they see you as an authority

Wrapping it up..

I wrote this post in about an hour, and it has roughly 1000 words. That’s more work than this company has done for you in the past 6 months.

There’s honestly a lot more than this that is wrong.

I’m not going to go into all of it right now, but trust me when I say they have been doing absolutely nothing for you and your business online OTHER THAN AdWords.

Your AdWords campaign is doing OK, but I’m sure if I got a deep look into that I would find that they are taking more of your money than they are spending on your ads.

Ultimately, even if you don’t end up hiring me (which you should 😀), I would suggest taking a hard look at where you’re spending your marketing budget because ReachLocal is really a waste.

So, come over to my company, spend less and get more.