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Why you need to update your fence company website for 2018

I’ve seen hundreds of fence company websites at this point in my career, and I can say that only a very small handful of them meet or exceed my standards of visual design.

Of this small handful of acceptable sites there’s an even smaller percentage that not only look good, but also add to the value of the business they represent and work exceptionally well while doing so.

For some reason fence company business owner’s and the people that they put in charge of the design and creation of their business website’s are so woefully bad at designing and developing that their creations typically look like something out of a website design playbook from the early 2000’s.

I can assure you that a website created even 5 years ago will look absolutely terrible and outdated to anyone who is under the age of 50.

Now you may feel a little insulted at this point, but these are things you need to be told as a business owner in 2018.

The world is no longer reading home magazines, they are reading blogs.

In the battle of the Yellow-pages vs. Google, the later has certainly won.

It’s time that you realize that every single one of your potential customers are now looking at your website long before they decide on calling you.

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