Fence Company SEO

Your fence company needs leads, we can help you increase your rank and generate them.

Your potential customers are looking for fence companies in your service area, but they can’t find you. Why? Because you aren’t ranking on the first page or in the top three spots on the first page of Google search results. It’s as simple as that.

We use an incredibly effective system to make sure that when you work with us, your fencing website ranks for every possible search term in your service area. So that when people are looking for your services, they find YOU first and not your competitors. Read a bit about that system below, and then take the first step in scaling your fence company - contact us.

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Our fence company SEO system

Our system of ranking fencing business websites is incredibly comprehensive. We look at all significant ranking factors according to Google’s multiple algorithms, and then craft your online presence to suit those ranking factors. While most SEO companies put in the bare minimum amount of work and end up just building spammy backlinks to your site (that will eventually end up getting you penalized), we create a virtual mountain of positive ranking signals all the way from a strong foundation in on-page optimization to white-hat backlink building methodologies.

Now, we understand you probably don’t know a lot of SEO business jargon, so I’ll simplify what I just said a bit further. Google uses bots to scan your website. These bots look for certain keywords and key-phrases in order to categorize your site for search terms. So, when those bots look at your site, they need to be told to put you in the correct categories so that you show up when human’s are searching for them. They also look at backlinks, links from other websites pointed towards yours. These are essentially "votes" of confidence in Google's eyes which make your website appear more worthy of ranking potential.

We optimize your site so that those Google bot’s can see that, for example, you’re a “fence installation company,” or a “PVC fence fabrication business.” We also make sure that those same bots can see which service areas you want to be found for, so we add things like “schema” address location data so that they understand where you are located and which search locations you want to be found for.

And those are just a small part of the “on-site“ optimization that we do, once that is complete, we move on to the “off-site” optimization.

This is where things get pretty difficult. During this phase, we create pieces of valuable content such as blog posts and infographics that will hopefully garnish links from 3rd party sources. We then take these pieces of content and reach out to popular blogs in attempt to gain links from their domains. We also take these pieces of content and syndicate them across all your social media accounts, because Google takes something called “social signals” into consideration when valuing the authority of your brand.

Ultimately, there’s a whole lot more that we do in addition to this, but the process can essentially be boiled down to what we do on your site, and what we do off your site. The timeline can vary based on how competitive your area is, but here’s a bit of information on the structure of that timeline:

SEO Site and online presence audit

We refer to the initial phase right after you sign the contract with us as the audit phase. During this period of time we run your site through various tools and reporting software in order to reveal exisiting issues with both your website and your online presence.

After we understand some of the issues preventing you from advancing in the rankings, we take a look at your competition and analyze what they are doing to rank.

Once we’ve got all the information together of where you stand and what you need to do to increase, we provide you with an in depth report so that we’re both on the same page. In addition to the report, we explain exactly what things mean, and what we are going to do to improve things from our end.

Our ranking system

Now that you’ve seen all the roadblocks standing in the way of getting to the top of Google’s search results, we explain exactly what we are going to do over the following months about getting you there. What you need to understand at this point is that SEO, when done the right way, takes about 3-6 months to really make an initial impact. After the initial impact, it’s really a lifetime process as your competitors are always working to beat you and take your spot, however, they won’t have us! Here’s an in-depth look at what we do for you so you know we're not pulling your chain.

On-site SEO optimization

There are a lot of factors that are taken into account when Google's algorithm evaluates your website for search result rankings, and the single most important one for local businesses is the on-site, or on-page SEO optimization.

During this phase, we use SEO tools like Screaming Frog Spider and Ahrefs to crawl your websites pages for technical errors, and research the most valuable keywords for your fencing service area. Then we take that data and formulate a plan to optimize the content of your website, interlinking structure and pages in order to let Google know exactly what you are trying to rank for.

This process can have a huge impact on whether you rank or not, it's extremely important.

Local SEO optimization

As a fencing company, you're more than likely restricting your fencing installation, fabrication or manufacturing to a service area. Whether it be a state, a county or localized in a single city, you're still considered to be a local business, not a national one.

We take this into serious consideration when ranking your business, as Google has a totally separate algorithm that looks at local businesses.

This algorithm takes numerous things into account like citations on relevant directory websites, local business schema code on your site and reviews, just to name a few. We spend a lot of time ensuring that your website conveys to Google exactly where you are located and where you sell your services so that it can rank you accordingly.

Content Marketing

After your website is all setup and optimized for Google's local search algorithm, we turn our focus on crafting incredibly detailed blog posts and pages based on your specific service areas and fencing products sold. These pages typically have 1000+ words of content mixed with pictures and links.

These pieces of content do a few things:
  1. Increase the bulk size of your website
  2. Allow you to rank for long tail keywords such as "Fencing installation companies in Florida"
  3. Create linkable assets that we can take to other websites in order to acquire backlinks for your site
  4. Further the "topical relevancy" of your other pages to show Google what those other pages are related to

Once the pieces of content are created, we interlink them to your other pages that relate to them in order to pass "link juice" from that page throughout your site. Then we push that content to all your social media pages.

Social-media syndication

Believe it or not, social media isn't just for pretentious teenagers to show off pictures of themselves. As we've seen with Donald Trump's twitter, social media can be a powerful tool to use the internet as a conduit in which to spread a message. And in your case, your fencing services to local customers.

Apart from directly reaching customers, Google's search algorithm takes what's known as "social signals" into account when evaluating the ranking worthiness of your website.

So, in order to tap into these two benefits, we take the content that we've curated for your business and syndicate it through multiple different social media channels in order to create these signals and to engage with homeowners who otherwise wouldn't have found you.

Backlink building

Out of all the other methods of increasing your ranking, backlinks is arguably the most influential. You can rank your site simply on the amount of backlinks going to it. Typically, the company who has the most amount of backlinks towards their website ranks #1 in the SERPs (search-engine results page)

Our personal approach is to create a website for you that has a VERY strong foundation before we start building links, so that your website ends up becoming ultra powerful when being fueled by links

We use a variety of methods to acquire links for you, and none of them are considered "black hat" or are looked down up by Google. Many other SEO companies cheat when it comes to building backlinks and end up using methodologies that can lead to your website being penalized by Google if they are caught.

Some link building methods we use:
  1. Guest blogging
  2. Press releases
  3. Relevant business directories
  4. Citations
  5. Outreach to other website owners

Reporting & analytics

In the end, other than the huge increase in business you'll experience, it can be difficult to quantify SEO. So we make sure to provide you with reporting and updates as we make progress throughout the entirety of your contract

The tools we use for this purpose are Google Analytics and Ahrefs. These tools provide a type of granular data that really shows the exact progress of our efforts over time including new users, conversions, traffic, search volume and more.

Our SEO disclaimer

I'm going to be totally straightforward here, so please don't be offended by my bluntness. SEO is not cheap. We are not an agency from Southeast Asia that claims to rank you "#1 on Google in one month", we are not the agency spamming your phone with calls telling you "there are problems with your Google listing." The work that we do is the real deal, no scam, no BS. I know that what you're used to when dealing with internet marketing agencies, so it's OK we won't take it personally that you think SEO is mumbo-jumbo nonsense and anyone who does it is ripping you off

We have helped many fencing companies double, triple and even quadruple their yearly revenue with our services. We know what we're doing and we're damn good at it.

That being said, increasing your Google rankings takes time, and there's no 100% guarantee that any one thing will work for you as it has worked for other people or people in other service areas. Every website and every campaign is different.

Ultimately, what I need you to know before you contact me is this:
  1. We are NOT a cheap SEO company. Sorry, but if you're looking for a $500 a month agency, we are most certainly not for you.
  2. SEO is an investment with a VERY strong ROI. The money you spend with us gets tripled at the very least every month. I mean come on, where else can you get 300% ROI legally?
  3. This takes time and significant effort. Our contracts are (6) month minimum with no exceptions.
  4. We aren't just another one of your vendors, we're essentially a business partner that is growing your business with you. No other vendor will ever treat you this well, trust me.

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