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There’s a lot of individuals and agencies that can develop a pretty good website, but there are absolutely none that can develop a great website based upon years of experience working in and for fencing manufacturers, contractors and fabricators.

You’re here because you need a new website, and we are simply the best company that you can purchase a fencing website from. But don’t just take our word for it, read a bit about what we can do for your fencing business, and when you’re done - contact us by phone or contact form and set up a consultation.

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Why you need a new website

I've seen 100's upon 100's of fencing contractor, manufacturer and fabricator websites in the past few years, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the clear majority of them are just terrible.

Typical fencing business owners tend to fuel their companies with referrals and end up missing out on the huge market share that a well-implemented website can garner.

Let me ask you a question.

If my website that you are currently viewing looked old and outdated, wouldn’t that make you trust me less? You probably wouldn’t want to stay here much longer. In fact, you would probably just hit the back button a few times to return to your search for other web design companies, right?

The same is true for homeowners with your current website.

Business is a game of trust, and if you can’t win the customer’s trust on the first impression, then you’re going to lose that sale to your competitor before you even get a chance to wave your very impressive sales skills around.

Because ultimately it doesn’t matter how good of a salesman or fencing company you are if you don’t have a pool of leads to sell your products and services to.

So, you want to know why I think you need a new website?

Well, it can be 1 or 100 reasons. To be totally honest I can’t tell you why your specific website isn’t converting leads until I look at it.


But what I do know is that you’re here reading my page about fence website design.

Which tells me you know better than I do that it’s time for a new website.

So, give us a chance to get eyes on your site and tell you what the problems are.

You have literally nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Fence company websites we've built

Take a look at some of our featured fencing website projects.

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What you get with your new website

We don’t create weak websites. Period.

When you buy a website from us, you’re getting a totally custom white-label site that no one else in the world has.

Most web design agencies will take a pre-made theme or use a free website builder like WiX to create your site.

The result is typically a generic looking product that looks OK but won’t convert anyone to a lead unless you’re the only fence company in a 100-mile radius.

Now, it can be tough for a layperson to understand the difference between the lowest grade choice and the highest-grade choice, as I’m sure you have to explain the difference in every estimate you’ve ever been on.

So, let me elaborate on what makes the sites the we make better than anyone else’s:

  1. The website’s that we create are 100% custom products.
  2. We only work in the fencing niche’. And we’re the only fencing website design specialists in the world.
  3. Our websites don’t just look great, but they use modern development practices to ensure website speed and ease of use.
  4. The whole point of buying a website is to add to the value of your business and to return upon your investment dollars. We make this a #1 priority more than anything else.

We know it can be difficult to really differentiate between all the website design agencies around today.

Everyone is trying to sell you a website that’s worth about $200 for $2000, it’s a shady industry, unfortunately.

There are very few web design companies that specialize, which makes those businesses more of a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none.

We are the complete opposite.

A jack-of-all-trades and a master of ONE.

We do everything fence better than everyone else, because we’ve been working in the fencing industry for years.

So when you buy a site from us, it’s backed by the type of authority and attention to detail and profitability that 90% of other web design companies just do not have.

Our pricing packages

Starter Package

A basic starter website for fence companies with limited budgets. Get online and in front of some potential customers.

  • Basic WordPress template theme
  • 3 pages of content
  • Basic on page SEO content

Custom Business Package

This is the package you want to buy. It’s a fully customized website with as many pages as your business needs with fully setup and optimized SEO.

  • Custom developed WordPress site
  • As many pages of content as you need
  • Blog setup and optimization
  • Custom graphics and photo editing
  • Ongoing website maintainence
  • A site that makes your competitors jealous

E-commerce Package

This is the custom business package for fence companies that sell their products online.

  • Custom developed WordPress site
  • WooCommerce installed
  • As many pages of content as you need
  • Mobile optimization
  • Custom graphics and photo editing
  • Ongoing website maintainence

Our website design disclaimer

As a fencing business owner, you fully understand what it means to buy things of value. When you buy your work trucks, you pay the extra money because you want to make sure they don’t break down on the way to a job or on the way to a delivery. That truck that you bought for thirty thousand dollars will return ten times that over its lifetime.

Ten times return on investment is NOTHING compared to what a website will do for you over its lifetime.

You need to understand before we even talk on the phone that the sites we make are not dirt cheap. We have years of experience in the fencing industry and we know how to design sites that make. you. money.

So, if you’re looking for a $200 website sorry, we are not the web design company for you. But if you understand the real value of your investment in your businesses website and online presence, then stop reading this webpage and call us or fill out our contact form right now - you won’t regret it.

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